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NTI Media Maker (formerly NTI CD & DVD Maker)

Burning discs is no longer a job for professionals, with all the dedicated software around to guide you through the process. Popular names in this industry have their designated league of fans and while most people like to stick to what they know, other less known applications are struggling to keep up.
One of them is the NTI Media Maker. This application provides the means to create CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray discs and to convert, rip, edit and backup your multimedia files like a professional, while remaining accessible and easy to use.
The installation process takes quite a while, given the wide range of utilities included in the installer file. NTI Media Maker 9 Premium features a colorful, polished, yet professional looking interface that offers you access to all of the program’s sections.

The main window of the program includes several utilities, organized in categories for Video / Audio / Data content. One of the most exciting features of the program is the Home Video Maker, which allows you to gather up your photos into unique slideshows and burn them to high quality DVDs.
For advanced photo effects, you can turn to the NTI Photo Maker and spice pictures up with the latest transitions and graphic filters. The NTI DVD-Fit allows you to compress DVD movies to standard DVDs, while maintaining the original quality at a decent level.
Also worth mentioning are the audio features that the application brings to the table. Aside from being capable of burning flawless audio CDs, users are also presented with a built-in audio editor, ripper and live recorder.
NTI Media Maker also sports a DVD Copy feature, which allows you to transfer the DVD content between two disc drives at a faster rate.
During our tests, NTI Media Maker acted like a friend. It’s intuitive, easy to use and does a marvelous job. We did notice though that the application takes a little while to load its functions at times, but that also depends on your computer configuration, of course.
The bottom line is that NTI Media Maker is a great alternative to the popular, but more expensive programs that most users are addicted to. If you’re willing to make a change regarding your CD burning software, this is one of the programs you should be looking at.

· New NTI Media Maker 9 Sidebar gadget for easier and faster media burn.
· Takes advantage of 32-bit power of Windows and supports long file names.
· CD Copy supports most major CD formats, including: CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, DVD-ROM, Audio CD, Video CD, Mixed Mode and CD Extra.
· Pre-masters data CD (CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, DVD-ROM), and Audio CD.
· FileCD for convenient drag-and-drop, packet-writing to BD-RE/±RW/-RAM or CD-RW media.
· Makes Audio CD from WAV, WMA, or MP3 files.
· Drag & Drop files to create disc images.
· Adjustable software settings make CD recording a smooth and reliable operation.
· Read track will backup a track from a disc in the CD-Recorder to a hard disk.
· Compile Audio CD sounds from various source CDs to a CD-R disc with a minimum hard disk space requirement
· Multi-session support.
· Session Explorer, File Compare Utility, and JewelCase Maker.
· Track-At-Once, Disc-At-Once, and Session-At-Once recording.
· User selectable inter-track gap.
· Plug-In support to enhance the power of your NTI Media Maker 9 software.
· New UDF versions to support disc layout properties: 2.0, 2.5, and 2.6.
· Enhanced audio functions in Ripper, MP3 discs, and other Audio format supported by MP3HD™.
· Available cross media copy for single track data disc from CD to DVD to Blu-ray.
· New disk image source support (*.CUE/BIN & *CCD) in Copy, Data Disc, and Video_TS.
· Updated Settings such as user interface color and language settings.
· Records Audio CD’s on the fly directly from line-in and microphone, ideal for live sound recording such as Karaoke.
· Premasters Video CD/Super VCD, Mixed Mode, CD Extra, and Custom CD.
· MPEG-1 encoding converts AVI files to MPEG-1 format for Video CD mastering.
· MPEG-2 encoding converts AVI files to MPEG-2 format for Super Video CD mastering.
· VCD/SVCD Slideshow with and without background audio.
· VCD/SVCD Menu.
· MP3 encoding converts CD tracks, WMA, and WAV files to MP3 format.
· WMA encoding converts CD tracks, WAV, and MP3 files to WMA format.
· New and improved JewelCase Maker utility to design your own CD labels and jewel-case inserts.
· Audio Editor with Trim, Normalize, Fade, Echo, Filter and Amplify functions.
· Create a MP3 CD from any supported audio track.
· Create a WMA CD from any supported audio track.

· 500 MB for program installation
· 10 GB of working space
· CD/DVD/Blu-ray Recorded recommended

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