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Download Photo Inpaint 4.2 Full Serial Number

Teorex Inpaint 4.2 with Keygen - Fungsi dari software ini sangat unik, dengan ukurannya yang lumayan kecil untuk kategori software editing image. Teorex Inpaint v4.2 full versi ini memiliki kemampuan untuk menghapus suatu obyek pada sebuah foto atau image. Jadi jika anda memiliki sebuah foto yang ga enak di pandang karena adanya obyek lain yang mengganggu ketampanan atau kecantikan anda, nah anda bisa menghilangkan obyek tersebut agar foto anda tampil sempurna. Gimana ? keren bukan hehe.


  • Restoration of old photos
  • Deleting a Watermark
  • Removal of unwanted items
  • Digital retouching faces
  • Removing timestamp from a photo
  • Inpaint easy to use. You need to make a few simple steps:
  • Select an unwanted object with the tool marker whose size you can easily change the slider from 1 to 100. Simply fill in the marker object that you want to delete
  • Run mode smart removal or treatment and Inpaint magically fill the selected area intelligently generated texture taken from the surrounding pixels.
  • If you do not get the desired result the first time, you can try to use one or more of the following techniques and to experiment until the desired result is achieved:
  • Change the environment created by a rectangular area of ??the program, she is the donor to fill the selected area.
  • Instead of deleting all objects at once, try to delete them one by one.
  • Go back and try to more accurately select the object you want to delete.
  • If you are sure that the selection is correct, then just try to handle it again, every recovery procedure is unique.

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