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WinZip Pro 19.0 Build 11293 [x86x64] Incl Serial & Patch

  .: DESCRiPTiON :..
WinZip 19 – the latest version of one of the most nadežnyh arhivatorov, podklûčaûŝaâsâ þ k SkyDrive®, Dropbox, Google Drive ™, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn®. WinZip 19 lets you compress, uporâdočivatʹ, instantly browse, To protect and transfer files via any modern of means exchanging information, such as oblačnye Services, Social networks and traditional e-mail. This is powerful and easy to use instrument, via quick and easy and can also be perform compression of files or Vernut them in the initial state, to sékonomitʹ disk space and greatly sokratitʹ time transfer e-mail messages.
Additional Information:
Works with the CAB, TAR, gzip, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, and MIME formats, and of course already, with ZIP. Additionally, via external programm can work with the files ARJ, LZH, and ARC. Program features include a representation of images in the form Piktogramm and automatic selection of compression method, as well ulučšennoe compression audiofajlov (WAV) and support for open BZ2 and RAR-files.
Instant compression and Unboxing data.
Shipment “heavy” files via automatic compression and modulus ZipSend ™.
Data protection via conversion of documents into PDF, AES encryption, add watermark, etc.
File Management, viewing and Archived through oblačnye Services in benign regimes.
Archived files in Publishing and social media.
Instant Reductions image files for convenient storage (without storonnih Editor).
Context-zavisimye toolbar to search and Execution of current tasks.
Key features:
Unpacking õ archives (Zip, IPX, RAR, 7Zip, BZ2, LHA / LZH, and many others).
Compression and shipment information by one action of the module by using the ZipSend ™. ZipSend automatically arhiviruet and vygružaet files in the cloud, if it exceeds the size razrešennyj for shipment by e-mail, and adds a link to the files in the message.
Data protection via 128- and 256-razrâdnogo encryption. Individual’naya policy Passwords, opredelâûŝaâ Requirements for Passwords complexity, primenâemyh in WinZip.
Destruction of temporary files, isklûčaûŝee nesankcionirovannyj access to information.
Preview files and folders, content to Zip archive razarhivacii, including svyazannykh components inside archives (HTML and images related with them).
Automatic backup of files via WinZip Pro. Backup corporate information via automatic compression and Archived važnyh files. Ustanavlivajte graph for automatic backup, vygružajte copies of storonnij server or zapisyvajte them onto a CD / DVD or Blu-ray.
The convenient solution for IT:
Optimal utilization disk space to store data and Expense on the bandwidth of the channel inside the channel in file transfer and storage of them in the clouds.
Use features in one few instruments for compression / uncompress, encrypt, convert to PDF, image compression and Print watermark.
Protection and Corporate Information Security at FX Online or the shipment by email.
Mulʹtiplatformennoe solution from one supplier. WinZip supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android ™.
LEGKOI Networking deployment of WinZip.
Easy to use.
Miscellaneous Pro version:
Backup results of work:
Export and backup važnyh data;
plan a backup for automatic launch without participations User;
Automatic backups sending copies via email with lûbogo address;
Loading backups copies of the external server.
What’s new in version 19:
Post archives care even easier
Built-in functions work with lokalʹnymi oblačnymi to a file and allow to search, and filter are necessary files without leaving applications from WinZip. Thanks to the support touchscreen control app WinZip can enjoy on any Computer or device with a touch screen. WinZip 19 is optimized to work with ustrojstvami 2-in-1 and automatically Mena its interface depending on the agencies, in which regimes used your organization: in tablet mode or laptop.
A wide range of features of work with the files
Functions work with the files in the interface vstroeny new applications WinZip 19, allowing save some time. Kopirujte, peremeŝajte, pereimenovyvajte and udalâjte Ethernet, networking and oblačnye files with ease. Otkryvajte, redaktirujte and raspečatyvajte Ethernet files. Proverâjte quantity of free space on the organization and Deaths in oblačnyh SERVICE. All this and not only now can be done directly in WinZip.
Izmenâjte interface under yourself
Izmenâjte Interface WinZip 19 to hide or Display: some functions. Archived functions in WinZip 19 displayed by default, but if needed can easily enable panel works with files. Privyčnyj like WinZip? One click dealing – and in front of you a familiar Ribbon interface.
Quick search functions õ
With a new context-zavisimoj panel instruments menâûŝejsâ depending on vypolnâemoj tasks, application WinZip care dinamičnym as never before. For example, in the Archived files function “Save” and “Submit” poâvlâûtsâ automatically, and you can choose the quick and easy place for archive destination.
More possibilities in the transform files
Select either Edit settings in the PDF transform, change size photos, add watermark and encryption can be up to, during or after the creation of the archive. Additionally, it is possible to choose, you will be primeneny settings to all of the file archive or only to nekotorym of them.
Simple data transfer
The new WinZip interfaces can be quickly and simply send files by e-mail, via oblačnye Service, Services Instant Messaging and popular Social Networks
1. Disconnect Internet connection
2. Install Program (Not run!)
3.After installation, Don’t run
4.Run our patch as administrator and apply it!
5. Run Winzip and insert any name and serial to register it,
4. Thanks To Original Uploader  Team REiS *
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