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Magic Flash Decompiler

Magic Flash Decompiler is a professional Flash decompiling application. It is outstanding in integrated features. Magic Flash Decompiler integrates several useful tools which meet all your needs for decompiling and editing Flash.
Magic Flash Decompiler offers a build-in Flash viewer that allows you to view and play Flash movies. Both SWF and EXE file are supported. Magic Flash Decompiler has an explorer-like interface that helps users to find Flash movies easily.
Magic Flash Decompiler is outstanding in parsing and decompiling Flash movies. It displays all components of a movie in groups (such as Image, Shape, Sound, Font, Text, Button, Sprite, Script and Frame). Magic Flash Decompiler displays the neat code of action script with syntax highlighted, and you can decompile it easily.
Magic Flash Decompiler can extract the shapes, sounds, images, sprites, fonts, texts and scripts from a Flash movie. The resources can be exported to commonly used formats (E.g. images can be exported to jpeg or bmp formats, sounds can be exported to mp3 or wav formats and scripts can be exported to text files).
Magic Flash Decompiler supports the conversion between SWF and EXE file.
Moreover, you will have the possibility to replace images of your current flash movie with desired picture and also to edit the dynamic texts (text, font, color, diaphaneity) as you see fit.

· Provide a user-friendly interface to quickly browse and play SWF on your hard driver with progress control.
· Extract the resources of SWF and sorts them in several formats.
· Support Flash movies in both *.swf format and *.exe format.
· Allow browsing and previewing any resource before exporting.
· Show detail properties of elements in Flash movies.
· Easily change the background color of any SWF file.
· Detailed tag information.
· Decompile the action script code of the flash.
· Support replacing the images of current flash.
· Support editing the dynamic texts of current flash.
· Convert your current file to swf/exe file.
· Support the switchover between swf and exe file.

· Pentium 233 MHz
· 64 MB RAM
· 50 MB HD

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